Spectacular Moleskine Doodles Explode with Energy

This is what Moleskine books are for – Creativity and Fun!

Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes proves that doodling can be so much more than scratching unintelligible scribbles on paper. Through his Sketchy Stories blog, Rosanes shares his wonderful world of doodling in a simple Moleskine sketchbook. Equipped with an ordinary Moleskine, a few Uni Pin drawing pens, and his innate gift for drawing, the artist is able to transport viewers to a world where tiny, cartoonish creatures explode with gusto to make up larger entities.

via Spectacular Moleskine Doodles Explode with Energy – My Modern Metropolis.

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Army of 1,000 toast soldiers created by Eggs For Soldiers | Creative Boom Magazine

A Toast Army made from 1,000 identical toast soldiers has been unveiled at London’s Royal Artillery Museum. The world-first has been created by charity egg brand Eggs For Soldiers to mark March Fourth – it’s annual fundraising event in support of Help for Heroes.

via Army of 1,000 toast soldiers created by Eggs For Soliders | Creative Boom Magazine.

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Painting a brighter future for Syrian refugee camps with Street Art

Awareness & Prevention Through Art AptART is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to give vulnerable children an artistic experience with an opportunity to express themselves as well as an outlet to build awareness and promote prevention about the issues that affect their lives. All children regardless of their circumstances should be given an opportunity to participate in the arts.AptART holds exhibitions both locally and internationally displaying artwork created by children participating in projects. Proceeds from the exhibitions are returned back to AptART to fund future projects. In this particular case, were looking at AptARTs work in Zaatari, the fifth-largest ‘city’ in Jordan, and the not-so-temporary home of 130,000 Syrian refugees.

read more via A street art project paints a brighter future for Syrian refugee camps | Creative Boom Magazine.

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Meet Victor – Geordie Mouse (Creature Comforts Animated Series) – YouTube

If your not Geordie you might want a translation book but for the rest of us this is one of the best from Creature Comforts.

via Meet Victor – Geordie Mouse (Creature Comforts Animated Series) – YouTube.

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Jewellery Workshops – Jewellery Moments

Beginners Jewellery Workshop BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY! When?    Saturday 20th April 13:00 – 16:00Where?   Jesmond Library, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2DL Here at Jewellery Moments we know more than anyone how exciting and fulfilling it can be to make your own jewellery.  This is why we are now giving you the chance to come along to one of our workshops and learn how to make beautiful pieces of jewellery for yourself! We will teach you the basics of jewellery making including opening and closing jump rings, simple hoops and crimping.

find out more via Jewellery Workshops – Jewellery Moments.

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App Store – Art Guide

iPhone ART app

Another Art App to try out – it’s free so I’ll definitely give it a download and see what it’s all about. Here is what the developer says about its.

Passionate about art? This free app is the ultimate guide to seeing and experiencing art across the UK. The Art Guide brought to you by the Art Fund helps you discover world-class exhibitions, museums and stunning country homes near you.FEATURESFinding great art wherever you are and whatever your interest has never been so easy:-Search for the most interesting and inspirational exhibitions across the UK-Discover over 600 museums and galleries using postcode, location or free text search-Create a wishlist of your favourite exhibitions and places you’d like to visit-Browse beautiful images of venues, exhibition highlights and work the Art Fund has helped buy-Check for National Art Pass benefits and discounts wherever you are

via App Store – Art Guide.

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The Work of a Painting Conservator

This is a very interesting video from the Laing Art Gallery Conservator with a great old local view as well.


The Work of a Painting Conservator – YouTube.

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Doug Landis – an amazing artist

Doug has no hands, so he draws a pencil held in his teeth

One picture from Doug goes from 40 to 400 hours, depending on the amount of detail and size of the picture. As a child, Doug was a super active kid, and not engaged in painting, he liked to specialize in wood and metal. Doug himself says that all the images for his paintings come to him out of his head. At night, when he can not sleep, he represents all of the images in the mind and draws their hands, which in reality he can not use.



via Doug Landis – an amazing artist.

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Cal Lane Creative Work | Mag Trends

 Cal Lane Creative Work

Check out this blog post at Mag Trends of an artist working with intricate designs cut out of almost anything made of iorn.

A lot the work appears to be in galleries, personally I think some landscape architects should be commissioning and installing this work.

Follow the link below to see this work

Cal Lane Creative Work | Mag Trends.

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