500px / Street View of Grasse by Bruce Allinson

So, yesterday I noticed that the Perfect Effects 8 App and plugin for Lightroom, Aperture and Photoshop had gone free for a limited time I of course grabbed the download straight away and after work last night looked for an image to test it out with.

Iv’e not used Aperture for a couple of years so I thought I’d open it up for this. I found this old holiday photo from a good 5 years or more ago in France and here is the result.

I think I’ll be using Perfect Effects 8 again

500px / Street View of Grasse by Bruce Allinson.

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Sunderland Marine charity expands with £315k investment | Bdaily Business News

PR Photography by North East photographer Allinson’s Photography

A charity providing challenging Outdoor Education opportunities for young people is securing its long term future by expanding and improving its facilities.Marine Activities Centre MAC is embarking on a £315k development project at its base at Sunderland Marina with support from NatWest and the Regional Growth Fund’s ‘Let’s Grow’ scheme.The MAC owns and operates Sunderland Marina through a trading subsidiary company; any surplus produced by the commercial operation of the marina is used to support its charitable activities – delivering a range of subsidised outdoor and adventurous activities for schools, community groups, young people and other organisations.

via Sunderland Marine charity expands with £315k investment | Bdaily Business News.

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Great ad makes me want to grow a beard and bite the heads of live chickens!

MJW’s new campaign for Valvoline pays tribute to horsepower and its effect on man. With every grunt of the engine, modern man is taken back further to his primal self. Only when he emerges from his high-powered car does he go back to being a regular guy.

I’m not so sure that this will have the same effect on me with our 96bhp diesel Picasso!


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No photoshop just animals and creativity

Never work with children or animals they say, well check out the work and creativity and the animals in this fantastic photography

Katerina Plotnikova did something extremely amazing!
One thing to note here: Animals are real!

see more via Photoshop? NO. These Are Real Animals | fosgrafi.

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Spectacular Moleskine Doodles Explode with Energy

This is what Moleskine books are for – Creativity and Fun!

Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes proves that doodling can be so much more than scratching unintelligible scribbles on paper. Through his Sketchy Stories blog, Rosanes shares his wonderful world of doodling in a simple Moleskine sketchbook. Equipped with an ordinary Moleskine, a few Uni Pin drawing pens, and his innate gift for drawing, the artist is able to transport viewers to a world where tiny, cartoonish creatures explode with gusto to make up larger entities.

via Spectacular Moleskine Doodles Explode with Energy – My Modern Metropolis.

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Pentax’s New Medium Format 645Z Packs a 51MP CMOS Sensor and Max ISO 204,800

It’s here. The Pentax 645Z Medium Format camera has arrived just as the rumor sites said it would, and the camera’s release date was far from the only rumor that has proven to be 100% true. In fact, we’ll have to look hard to find anything they got wrong.

via Pentax’s New Medium Format 645Z Packs a 51MP CMOS Sensor and Max ISO 204,800.

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New Photographer Portfolio Book

I recently produced a new hardback portfolio book for Allinson’s Photography using “Blurb” it was so easy to use the quality of the book was very good for just £24. You can flick through the pages of the book below, share the book and visit Blurb to make your own book.


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Hasselblad H5D-50c CMOS camera

Hasselblad has begun shipping its pioneering H5D-50c, the worlds first fully integrated medium format camera system to use CMOS sensor technology.The new H5D-50c was first announced in mid-January and the camera enjoyed a fleeting debut at the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show, Japan, three weeks later – but is now fully available worldwide.

read more via Hasselblad H5D-50c CMOS camera.

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Army of 1,000 toast soldiers created by Eggs For Soldiers | Creative Boom Magazine

A Toast Army made from 1,000 identical toast soldiers has been unveiled at London’s Royal Artillery Museum. The world-first has been created by charity egg brand Eggs For Soldiers to mark March Fourth – it’s annual fundraising event in support of Help for Heroes.

via Army of 1,000 toast soldiers created by Eggs For Soliders | Creative Boom Magazine.

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Painting a brighter future for Syrian refugee camps with Street Art

Awareness & Prevention Through Art AptART is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to give vulnerable children an artistic experience with an opportunity to express themselves as well as an outlet to build awareness and promote prevention about the issues that affect their lives. All children regardless of their circumstances should be given an opportunity to participate in the arts.AptART holds exhibitions both locally and internationally displaying artwork created by children participating in projects. Proceeds from the exhibitions are returned back to AptART to fund future projects. In this particular case, were looking at AptARTs work in Zaatari, the fifth-largest ‘city’ in Jordan, and the not-so-temporary home of 130,000 Syrian refugees.

read more via A street art project paints a brighter future for Syrian refugee camps | Creative Boom Magazine.

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