Commercial Photographer and Motorcycle Enthusiast

I’m Bruce Allinson and I love my life working as a Professional Photographer across the UK. I also enjoy a genuine passion for Photography, Design, Art and Motorcycles.

Professional Photography

I began work as a professional photographer in Newcastle upon Tyne back in 1980 working for the North East’s leading Photographic Studio “Photogenic” 10 years later I went into business for myself and established Allinson’s Photography in 1990.

I now have millions of  commercial photography commissions and other photographic assignments behind me, (from Industrial photography, Commercial photography and Advertising photography and PR Photography). I continue to enjoy the daily experience of using my skill and passion to deliver a great professional photographic service.

My Blog

This Blog is simply about the things that interest me or that I think my friends, clients, beneficiaries and colleagues might find helpful, interesting or entertaining. I hope you find the posts and links interesting, don’t forget to look me up on twitter and like my page on FaceBook

This website is:- stuff to do with Photography Art, Design and Motorcycles!

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